What is Moksha?

A Platform

Moksha is a highly-scalable platform for creating dashboards of live widgets. Moksha makes it simple for these widgets to extract and extend data from arbitrary resources.

An Architecture

Moksha brings existing technologies together to create a next-generation web architecture that is designed to simplify the creation of create rich, live web applications that can easily bridge existing services.

A Framework

Built using best-of-breed components, Moksha applications are written using stable pre-existing modules that allow for the rapid creation of powerful applications.

A Messaging Hub

Moksha acts as real-time messaging middleware for your web application, allowing you to publish and subscribe to message queues both on server and from the clients web browser.


  • Free & Open Source
  • Utilizes by Open Standards
  • Comprehensive WSGI middleware stack
  • Plugin-driven architecture
  • Live widget API
  • Supports 100% AMQP from the browser to the broker
  • Low-latency browser socket
  • Can speak ØMQ pub/sub
  • Optional WebSocket server
  • Messaging hub that can integrate with an AMQP broker or ØMQ endpoints
  • Message producer/consumer API
  • Scalable architecture
  • External resource connectors
  • Dynamic extension points
  • Dashboard creation API
  • Leverages the power of TurboGears2


Demo Site

View a demo of Moksha in action: http://moksha.csh.rit.edu/